Aiolis Rooms, Kamariotissas, Samothraki

Aiolis Rooms, Kamariotissas, Samothraki

AIOLIS ROOMS is situated on a hillside 700m from the port town of Kamariotissa, which serves as the main transportation hub of the island of Samothraki, providing ferry access to and from points in Northern Greece.

Accommodations consist of three double rooms, one triple room and one studio built for comfort and relaxation.
The rooms are tastefully decorated and boast splendid sea views and unparalleled sunsets of the Thracian Sea.
All rooms are equipped with WC, TV, A/C, refrigerator, a fully-stocked, multi-purpose kitchenette, as well as free WiFi and fax
service upon request.
They face a 2-acre garden where children can play carefree on the lawn and the small rock gardens while adults blissfully sip their coffee on the terrace. An outdoor BBQ and wood oven are also available. Private parking is provided for all our guests.
As experienced and knowledgeable hosts, we can guide you on where to go, what to do and what to see. Our warm hospitality will leave an indelible impression!

Kamariotissas-Samothrakis PO: 68002 Samothrace – Greece

Business: 0030-25510-41962

Mobile: 0030-6978052388


Web Page: 

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