Kitesurfing, Kos

Kitesurfing, Kos

Learning how to kitesurf is easier than you would think. You don’t need any prerequisites or a super trained body. If you are motivated to learn this fascinating sport and are in average good shape, then you are perfectly ready to start. Success will come easy!

No matter if you are just curious, whether you are ambitiously craving for your first meters on the kiteboard, or if you are already into it and want to get trained on a higher level – you can match a suitable course to your needs in our offered program.

To start your kitesurfing career safely, it is a necessity to attend a kitesurfing course, which is only offered by a professional kiteschool who will provide you with suitable equipment and the right surfspot. 

Depending on your success and ability, you can choose exams from different VDWS levels in our courses. This licence authorizes you to hire equipment at kite center worldwide.

You been completing a Kite beginner course successful and now you want to continue practicing by yourself or you simply want to use the latest equipment. We offer you new 2015 Kites from Naish and Boards from SU-2


Schimpf J. – Greuel St. OE

Kitesurfing Kos & Water-Proof
85302 Antimahia, Kos

PHONE: 0030-695-612-26-26



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