Achilleon Diving Center, Corfu

Achilleon Diving Center, Corfu

Scuba diving in Corfu island, Paleokastrtitsa or Messoghi with Achilleon diving center. Dive in Corfu, at this magnificent, island of Greece that combines sunshine beauties and luxurious places together. Achilleon diving center is divided into two branches:
– Achilleon Dive Center in Paleokastritsa in the north-west part of the island

– Achilleon Diving Center & Korfu Diving in Paleokastritsa

– Achilleon Dive Center in Messonghi in the south of Corfu 

 – Achilleon Dive Office in Ermones on the west site of Corfu

Opened since 2001, our diving center is an ideal place to restore your peace of mind and focus on diving. Certified divers can choose from amongst 26 excellent dive sites. Beginners can try the Discover Scuba Diving and experience breathing underwater and for those who want to learn scuba diving they can join us on a PADI COURSE. We do not forget those who want to stay on the surface so snorkeling tours start everyday.

Address: Achilleon Diving Center Akrotiri Beach Hotel / TK 49083 Paleokastritsa – Corfu – Greece

Mobile: +306932729011



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