Milos Camping, Evia



Welcome to the web site of Milos Camping!!!!!!

Having as background the mountains of Attica and with the marine breeze of Eubean gulf to embrace it, Milos is a modern and hospitable Camping area and in particular close enough to Athens.

In Eretria of Evia, less than 1 kilometre from the city, in the region of Milos(Mil) – where the name of the camping came from – in a place that combines ideal natural environment, historical value,clear sea, Milos Camping is situated, which can offer you memorable and ideal holidays.

The location is very convenient with an easy access to the sightseeing of Athens (95 km) of Eretria (1,5 km), as well as of the rest of Evia (19 km from Halkida) capital of Evia. Also there is an easy access to the means of mass transport.

Moreover, the modern installations of hygiene and cleanness, the communal benefits, the organized reception, the bar, the internet café, the mini market and the tourist kiosk, the recreational activities, the playground, in combination with the excellent service of our experienced personnel, are a total of comforts and services which make the stay of our customers a very pleasant experience.

We are expecting you, your family or your company, from April to September, to spent memorable holidays at the most modern, friendly and hospitable camping.

Eretria’s entry point, Eretris, Evoia34008

Tel.: +30 22290 60420

Fax: +30 22290 60420


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